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Zdenka Studená

Founder, Managing partner

+420 602 257 515
We offer our clients a successful change to an effective work environment. Our comprehensive solution distinguishes us. From analysis and business case, through process design, to training of skills. According to our experience, one does not work without the other.

Jana Špačková

Founder, Partner, Senior konzultant, lektor

+420 602 119 369
The most common mistake is that people understand work flexibility as chaos. We set the rules so that flexible work is as effective as possible. For clients, setting and clarifying rules is a certainty. Setting the “right” rules is the basis for a working flexible collaboration.

Eva Pánková

Partner, Senior konzultant, lektor

+34 663 95 02 29
When working at a distance, relationships suffer. This is a fact that is confirmed by everyone who has the experience with flexi collaboration. We are able to teach managers and employees how to maintain great relationships and trust, even when working remotely, so that we can be most effective in working with branches and clients and suppliers.
Expert team

Další lektoři a konzultanti flexjobs

  • Ilona Malá Ilona.Mala@flexjobs.cz
    +420 602 325 908
  • Jana Kadlecová Jana.Kadlecova@flexjobs.cz
    +420 777 566 727
  • Jan Matějů Jan.Mateju@flexjobs.cz
    +420 720 756 327
  • Martina Rešlová Martina.Reslova@flexjobs.cz
    +420 777 247 607
  • Kateřina Šádová Katerina.Sadova@flexjobs.cz
  • Lenka Čápová Lenka.Capova@flexjobs.cz
  • Markéta Kouklíková Marketa.Koulikova@flexjobs.cz
  • Pavel Teichman Pavel.Teichman@flexjobs.cz


  • 32 + corporate customers
  • 967+ + training participants
  • 87+ + training sessions
  • over 1000 + survey participants

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