How do we set up work flexibility?

We follow the unique FLEXcheck© and FACE© models developed specifically for flexible work environment. We provide comprehensive services from opportunity analysis to trainings and change implementation.

What we do?


  • We measure the opportunities for using and streamlining flexibility in your business.
  • We will map the needs of your employees.
  • We calculate a transparent business case with clearly named benefits and costs.


  • We propose the appropriate use of work flexibility according to the company's priorities, types of jobs and staff needs.
  • We set up a plan to implement work flexibility and plan communication to the company.
  • We will put in place tailor-made rules and guidelines for your employees and comply with labour law.


  • We train managers, specialists and HR teams to succeed in flexible working environment from anywhere.
  • We provide guidance for effective work in flexible working environment thanks to the © FACE methodology.
  • We will meet on site or online using e-learning.